[[The Order of Eight]]

The Order of Eight is a sect of Lolth worshipers who train to survive above ground for an extended period of time, in an attempt to bring powerful artifacts into the Underdark. There are always eight drow in this order: four masters and four students. The masters reside mainly in the Underdark while the students, after receiving their training, head to the surface to gain power and knowledge. They wear special eyewear that shields the sun from their eyes [see: Inuit snow goggles] and fight without weapons; as drow weapons disintegrate in sunlight, the Order of Eight are honorbound to touch no surface dweller weapons or armor. Once they achieve what they feel to be sufficient power, they return to their master in the Underdark. If they kill their master in battle, they become the new master and receive Lolth’s blessing to train a new acolyte. Masters typically remain underground but will travel to the surface to obtain particularly powerful artifacts, spells, or other sources of power.

The Order of Eight have eight tenants which all are honorbound to. Defying one of these rules is grounds for punishment. Punishment for breaking a tenant varies depending on its importance and how far it was broken. Acolytes must contact their masters or a master’s contact if they defy a tenant — failure to do so will immediately result in death. The Order has many spies on the surface. The tenants are, in order of importance:

1. Lolth’s voice commands you above all else.
4. You shall pursue that which will gain you power.
5. You shall destroy those who will deny you power.
6. You shall not turn away from death.
2. You shall not harm another using surface weaponry.
3. You shall trust no surface dweller.
7. The enemy shall know that they are killed.
8. The enemy shall be of sound mind and body.

There are other, lesser rules and routines, such as: no eating or drinking in the sunlight (or generally during the day), no amorous fraternization with women of any race other than drow, ideally no buying food or drink directly from surface dwellers, and a twice a year trip back to the order of eight temple in the underdark. Typically members of the order on the surface enter their trance in the daytime and eat two meals, one after sunset and one an hour before sunrise.

[[The Order of Eight]]

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